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As a way of giving back to our community, the following images are available for any non-commercial use by local businesses and publications. If you have a question about the use please e-mail us at Also as stated in our What we Do section, 360 Sky Vision™ provides free Aerial Photography services to our local community.

Lake Hopatcong Days - 2014

The following are some general shots from the Lake Hopatcong Days 2014.

Lake Hopatcong Days - Hot Dog Contest 2014

Shots from the 2014 Hot Dog Contest at the Lake Hopatcong Days. The event was sponsored by Sabretti's Hot Dogs.

Hopatcong Days - Parade 2014

The following pictures where captured during the Parade of Hopatcong Days 2014.

Hopatcong - Modick Park

Centered in the downtown area of Hopatcong this two block long park provides everything the residents desire... Plus, it serves the city with a place to hold its many special events like the grand Hopatcong Days in July.

Culver Lake

The following are shots from Culver Lake

Lake Hopatcong - Halsey Island Area

These are shots taken from the West Bank of Lake Hopatcong which shows Halsey Island and other lake areas within that region.

NOTE: See Lake Hopatcong Places for more pictures as it features Alice's, the Windless and the Jefferson House waterfront Restaurants.

Lake Hopatcong - Mountain Lakes Crewing Teams

The following are the first series of shots that feature the Mountain Lakes Crewing teams that practice on Lake Hopatcong.

Lake Hopatcong - River Styx Area

The following shots show the River Styx and Bridge area of Lake Hopatcong

Lake Hopatcong - Van Every Cove

Shots taken on the West Bank of Lake Hopatcong showing Van Every Cove, which has Lee's County Park and Marina at the end of the inlet.

NOTE: This is also where the Mountain Lake Rowing team launches from when practices their crewing.


Lake Hopatcong - West Bank

The following shots were taken from the East Side of Lake Hopatcong, showing the West Bank area.

Lake Hopatcong - Places Windless Restaurant

Shots from the West Bank of Lake Hopatcong showing the Windless Restaurant and the Marina / Water Front.

Lake Hopatcong Places - Alices Restaurant

Shots from the West Bank of Lake Hopatcong featuring Alice's Restaurant

Lake Hopatcong Places - Johnnys Marina

Shots from Johnny's Marina on the East Bank of Lake Hopatcong, in the river Styx area.

Real Estate - Lake Hopatcong Pickerel Point Area

Lake Hopatcong West Bank home ($850,000) near Pickerel Point

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