Aerial Photography Pricelist

360 Sky Visionā„¢ Pricelist: (Effective June 2015)

A. Non-Profit / Community Events: $0.00

Based upon our availability 360 Sky Vision provides freeĀ Aerial Photography to all Non-Profit and Community sponsored events:

  • Review of ideal photography results with the event sponsor
  • On-Site attendance during the event to capture intended video and still photography
  • Custom editing and Video production to meet your photography requirements

Please contact us as soon as possible to ensure we are available for your event.

B. Standard Aerial Photography: $225.00

The Standard Aerial package provides the very best in property photography as it includes:

  • Shooting the prospective location from all desired angles
  • All shots are from close, mid, and long range to give you the best prospective
  • Realtor/Owner requested specialty shots (Garden, Walkway, Lakefront, etc.)

As outlined below, the satisfaction on these photos is guaranteed, and 360 Sky Vision will edit and Photoshop the selected images at no additional charge.

C. Custom Video Package: +$100.00

Lastly, to ensure you are successful with your listing, we will provide a full video package based upon our shots and any additional interior shots that you have from the home. This production will deliver a full HD video that can complement your web based postings.


Next Steps:

How to Schedule an Appointment:

First: Contact us through or 360-234-23401.

  1. Supply the customers full address and contact information
  2. Provide your objectives / Ideal shots / area you would like to see us focus on
  3. Select the desired appointment date (Weekends or evenings only at this time)

What to Expect:

Once an appointment has been set, a representative from 360 Sky Vision will perform the following:

  1. Call back to further review your objectives
  2. Perform the Aerial Photography (Weather Permitting)
  3. Update you by e-mail when the initial session has been preformed
  4. Upload of Photos/Videos for your review (normally within 1 business day)
  5. Perform special editing (No Charge) for requested cropping /Photoshop enhancements to the images you select

All work is performed on a Net-30 basis, where we transfer the rights to the photography based upon your full satisfaction and final payment

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